Online Shopping carts.

If your business has physical or digital products and services to sell, then it's more important than ever to take your place in the online world of e-commerce. Big Hammer Marketing are specialist in helping you create a platform in which you can begin trading online, be it an online shop selling physical goods that you dispatch to your customers, to digital downloads, or platforms where you provide help, advice or other services. Since the days of the virus, more and more businesses are moving into online platforms, is it not about time that you did too? 

Professional online shopping carts for e-commerce applications, marketing, training and assistance, propel your business into the future with Big Hammer Marketing!

Website designer UK and Spain

SSL secured GDPR compliant, safe shopping for your clients. 

Good security is essential in today's online world!

In today's online world security is very important, that's why we secure all online shopping carts with SSL encryption for safer online transactions. We also ensure that they comply with the privacy laws governing your country and in Europe that your website is fully GDPR compliant. A good level of security provides the customer with confidence and provides you with peace of mind too! Using secure online payment systems, such as Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, World Pay and other trusted gateways ensures any money passes hands in the safest way possible!

Training and remote assistance.

We show you how to manage your store!

All our online stores are fully user-editable and have a comprehensive back end where you can add and remove products to your heart's desire. However,  we don't expect you to know how to do that from the onset and so we provide remote training and assistance for you and your staff until you are happy to fly solo! If you happen to be local, or have a particularly complicated store, then we can send one of our technicians to visit your business to help train your staff. 


Increase those leads!

Just like with a physical shop in the real world, you need to get noticed and you need people at the door! Big Hammer Marketing can help you to increase sales with a range of marketing solutions, from SEO to social advertising campaigns, we can show you how to bring a steady flow of traffic to your site and that means sales! 

Corporate quality e-commerce websites

The professional edge you need!

Big Hammer Marketing produce e-commerce websites of the highest quality. If you dreamed of having a website that could compete with those of the corporate boys, then dream no longer, we are ready to launch your business onto an online platform that generates the sales you need! We use the framework of the most robust shopping cart systems, customised and developed to meet with your needs. Easy to use for the client, easy to manage by the sales staff and easy to edit your stock, as required!