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In order to run a modern PHP website or web applications, you are going to need a good hosting service, while there are many cheap hosting services available out there, we don't recommend too many of them! If you want real success on the web and want your websites to run fast and secure, you really need a VPN or a dedicated hosting service, rather than shared hosting, more info on that further down the page! Big Hammer Marketing's hosting partner liquid net has servers in many parts of the world and provides a reliable and powerful VPN hosting service which has served us very well over the years! We now have our own branded hosting service on liquid net servers, so that you can sign up for web hosting with us, ready for your new website or online applications! 

Big Hammer Hosting, sign up for a VPN web hosting service a faster solution for modern websites, you can also purchase domain names direct from within your hosting control panel! 

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UK and International based servers ensure rapid delivery of your web content and superior search engine compatibility, professional website hosting for your projects! We highly recommend choosing a VPS hosting package for best results on e-commerce and heavy traffic websites. You can also purchase and manage domain names directly from your hosting control panel making it so easy! If you need help creating to create your website projects then Big Hammer Marketing is ready to assist you, contact us for more details!

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One-click installation of the most popular web applications!

Wordpress, Concrete 5, Presta Shop, Open Cart and many more popular web applications are available to install on your Big Hammer Hosting account with just one click! Simple installation of these PHP scrips allows you to bypass the tricky bits and get writing your website with a lot less stress! If you are ready to create your online empire, then Big Hammer Hosting grows with you, ample upgrade options ensure scalable hosting that will drive your business into the future!

Choose to Host with Big Hammer Hosting for self-build or professionally built websites and online projects. SSL security compatible with free and paid certificate options!