Frequently asked questions.

About the products and services of Big Hammer Marketing

We are based in Spain

Our main office is currently based on the Costa del Sol, in the Malaga province of Spain, but we have operatives in other locations of Europe too! We are able to deal with projects for companies and individuals anywhere in Spain, the UK or Europe.

We are VAT registered in the EU

Big Hammer Marketing are VAT (IVA) registered within Europe, meaning we can provide you with a full VAT invoice for any of our services.

We offer three stage payment.

If using our services for website design, marketing or our start-up packages, we take payment in three stages. After we have agreed on the fee with you, we would take 1/3rd of the payment as a deposit in order to begin the work. We then take 1/3rd at the halfway point and the remainder towards the end of our contract with you. 

Payment in full after price agreed

In order to build a high-end bespoke computer we must outlay for the components, therefore, once the final specification is agreed, we would ask for payment in full, including any delivery costs, before we begin construction. All our work and components are guaranteed for up to 2 years unless otherwise stated. Construction to delivery is normally within 7 to 10 working days, depending on the complexity of the build and or software installation. 

Printing and garments require payment in full

Our promotional products such as premium business cards, printing and personalised garments require payment in full, including delivery fees before we begin manufacture. Delivery is normally within 5 to 10 working days, depending on the quantity and complexity of the products. 

We use several payment gateways.

Payment of our goods or services can be made securely via bank transfer, PayPal, or Google Pay. 

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