Bespoke PC Builds

High-end business applications to Gaming.

Big Hammer Marketing also specialises in the manufacture of bespoke computers for specialist applications, such as business machines, servers, high-end video editing, recording studios and gaming.  Our specialist PC's are built to order and specifically for the task at hand so they function way better than any mainstream PC ever could while containing exactly the right components for your needs.  All our custom build PC's are fully guaranteed for two years and can enjoy live remote assistance with our technicians, to ensure everything stays running to perfection! 

If you are looking for the perfect computer system for your application, then Why Not Repair are ready to build it for you! Have a talk with our technicians who can help you decide on the right specifications to meet with your needs. If your applications are large and highly complicated, we can also arrange a professional technician to visit your workplace to set up equipment and train your staff in the day to day operation of your IT systems (Spain / EU / UK by appointment). Big Hammer Marketing offer repairs to existing computer systems and IT infrastructure, contact us today with your needs. 

Specialist computer systems built and delivered throughout Europe and the UK, remote support and technical assistance provided. Over 20 years experience!

  • High End 4k and 8k video editing machines

  • Servers and ultra-high-end business computing

  • Design and Graphics machines

  • Top performance gaming computers

  • Computers for highly specialised applications

  • Fully Guaranteed for up to 2 years or longer with our extended guarantee

Customised PC

When a retail PC is just not suitable for your power-hungry needs, Big Hammer's bespoke computers will tear through your projects like a lightning bolt!

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