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We are the no-nonsense solution to gain a superior online presence and come down hard on your competition! We are here to get the job done, no more wasting your time with the S.E.O spammers, or that "webmaster friend of a friend", it's time to hit hard, with Big Hammer Marketing, the honest service, that provides real results! 

Our big hammer director Mark Antony Borrow is an expert webmaster and online marketing specialist who has been providing his services since the internet first came about! Responsible for the development of hundreds of websites over the year, he has brought success to many businesses where the others failed! Along with his amazing web development team, marketing goods manufacturers and marketing specialists, Mark has created the ultimate Big Hammer Marketing service, to deliver a serious blow to your competition! Contact us today and let's have a chat or a video call, if you are serious about marketing your business, you need our big hammer! 

Deliver a "big blow" to your competition and a big boost to your business!

Big Hammer Marketing!


Big Hammer Marketing provides an honest service, we don't spam you for business and we treat your success as our success! We know how to deliver the best marketing strategies and while we get on with that, you are free to deal with the customers! If you are looking for a marketing partner you can trust, then Big Hammer Marketing is here for you every step of the way! Through the wonders of modern technology, we can assist clients throughout the world, but we do only take on a limited number of clients each year, to ensure we have enough time to dedicate to each and every one of you!

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Using the best hosting solutions may cost a little more, but it will help to keep your website fast, safe and reliable, as well as improving your ranking with the search engines. We provide hosting through our trusted providers for less downtime and more productivity! If you have experienced slow websites, email and applications in the past, then why not ask us about moving you onto one of our hosting providers. If you are just starting out, trust us, it's better to start with good hosting from the onset! 

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Complete your business start-up with one of our inclusive packages which can include a professional website, social networking campaign, printed business cards, logo creation and marketing strategies for your first year! Then choose our ongoing support packages to keep things flowing and growing as you do! Big Hammer Marketing can turn your ideas into profits, from online services to a physical business, marketing is one of your most important expenses!

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